What Does an Electrician Do?

An electrician is a professional whose job involves the wiring of buildings, transmission lines, and other electrical equipment. They can also install new components and maintain the existing electrical infrastructure. An electrician may work with a variety of different equipment, including computers, televisions, and even fax machines. They may also work in government or other organizations, where their work can be critical to the smooth functioning of the entire facility.

As an electrician, you need to be able to communicate effectively with your clients and have a good working knowledge of electrical equipment. An electrician should also enjoy problem-solving. A typical electrician’s job involves installing, troubleshooting, and testing electrical wiring, equipment, and control systems. These professionals work for electrical contractors and are responsible for maintaining their customers’ electrical systems.

While most electricians learn their craft on the job, there are also some people who enter the field through an apprenticeship. This program is usually a combination of theoretical instruction and intensive on-the-job training. Once an electrician has completed the program, they will be eligible to work as a journeyman electrician. After graduation, electricians can work for companies in various fields and even start their own electrical businesses.

Some Electricians work as independent contractors, but many elect to join unions. The largest union is the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, and it has hundreds of thousands of members worldwide. However, the availability of a union will depend on the policies of your employer. As a union member, you’ll be expected to pay dues to the union and participate in union meetings. In addition, unions typically create bargaining committees, which handle all contract negotiations.

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